• Traditional furniture is connected by wooden structures without the need for hardware. However as the development that changes and the demand that people is right delicate life is promoted, hardware fittings becomes the very key element that measures integral quality of furniture gradually. Ask woodworking spot to do furniture no matter oneself, still make to order or finished product of furniture of choose and buy, the hardware of furniture is the part that cannot despise. Understand the choose and buy of furniture hardware below


  • Yesterday we may see, China standard parts network yesterday to share an article: "license plate loaded with 4 screws were buckled 12 points of the owners of grievances: the DMV gave 4, with what punishment", visible car license plate screw installation less is not good, but also to be punished. The screws on the license plate are called license plate sealing screws, and cars manufactured after April 2016 must have four of them on each license plate. This screw is removable to prevent the license plate from being removed.


  • Yongnian District, Handan City, Hebei province is the largest fastener production base and distribution center in China, with more than 50 categories of products including bolts, nuts, special-shaped parts and more than 10,000 models. The output value of fasteners is 27.9 billion yuan, accounting for 55% of the national market.


  • Why is there suddenly not enough electricity? The main reasons for this shortage, I think, are as follows:


  • "I used to make fasteners because my business was not good. Now I do fasteners, because the business is so good."


  • Why washing machines are too noisy: Washing machine noise is too large, and even the reason for the crash is mainly the following aspects: